4×4 Online Club

03.04.2021 – 8pm to 4am UTC+2

Hey there! We’re happy you’re here to join our 4×4 Online Club GrandPrix 2k21 on Youtube and Discord! With more than 30 DJs from all over europe we want to connect our scene for this third lockdown.

Besides video streams on YouTube, you can get the full rave experience on our Discord Server, where you get all 4 floors as audio stream plus an additional secret floor and the opportunity to voice and video chat with yr loved DJs and raver squad!
Just like in the days of never ending raves: Grab a drink, chat with randos, do some refreshments and then hit it!

So connect your headset or mic and click on the discord invite link down below!
When you’re connected, join the voice channel „entry queue“ and talk to our selector.
The selector will give you permission to join all five floors, visit us at the bar or hang out in the chill area. – more infos via welcome message on the server

no sexism, no antisemitism, no racism – and no drugs in front of the camera! 😉

Timetable down below! And please donate a small fee via PayPal so we can cover our costs.


Discord is available as smartphone app, desktop app or in your favourite web browser.

YouTube Stream Playlists

Escalate Floor

Strathy, VUUDUU, Aliha, Lifka b2b Wrangel, Viscerale, Strongrain, Clarisse, RO/AD

Cadillac Floor

DJ Dripcore, Alice and Bob, Cryptofauna b2b DJ Fuckoff, DJ Mell G b2b aitch, dj sweet6teen b2b Philo, HiHat b2b Narcotic Fruits, Robin Tasi, 909 Schneider

Off Road Floor

Idyll (ATAVEM & Paul Omen), Repeating Path, DJ SIMLOCKED, DJ Memory Card, Charly Schaller, Miran N

Special K Floor

in silence, Qui Soupire


Off Road
Secret Floor
8pmStrathyDJ DripcoreIdyll
9pmVUUDUUAlice and BobRepeating Path
10pmAlihaCryptofauna b2b
DJ Fuckoff
DJ SIMLOCKEDin silence
11pmLIFKA b2b WrangelDJ MELL G b2b aitchDJ Memory CardQui Soupire
12amVisceraledj sweet6teen b2b PhiloCharly Schaller ???
1amStrongrainHiHat b2b
Narcotic Fruits
Miran N ???
2amClarisseRobin Tasi ???
3amRO/AD909 Schneider ???